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Insurance and $0 cost risk solutions to the peril faced by landlords, real estate developers, syndications and private equity groups.

Residential Apartment Building
Master Policy Solutions
  • Large multifamily apartments, condo buildings, commercial real estate, office buildings, vacant real estate, exotic real estate.

  • Master Builder's Risk for developers at scale. 

  • Section 8, market rate apartments, 55+ living, assisted living facilities.

  • Music venues, athletic stadiums, school and government buildings, malls and hotels. 


  • Standard and E&S Master Policy solutions, depending on vertical/exposure.

  • Deep, developed relationships with leading wholesale brokers to guarantee competitive placement for even the most challenging risks. 

  • Appetite for coastal property, section 8 (subsidized), market rate apartments, COAs/HOAs, commercial real estate, student housing, vacant property, property under construction.


Private Equity
  • Solutions for Private Equity acquiring assets across the USA with national carriers catering to REI segment.

  • M&A support, 24 hour lender cert turnaround guarantee.

  • In depth understanding of lender needs, REI goals, Insurance solutions that satisfy all parties.

  • 24 hour concierge support and service.  


  • Apartments > 30 units, Apartments 11-30 units, Apartments 5-10 units.

  • Commercial Office Space rented to others, strip malls, malls, historical property, flood zone property.

  • Support and understanding of a variety of corporate/entity structure arrangements. LLC, Corporations, LPs, Trusts, Associations, etc. 

Real Estate Investor

Securing the right Insurance coverage for your investment is critical. Trust Falcon to place your coverage with confidence.

  • Cost effective Insurance solutions that align with investor goals.

  • Innovative $0 risk management strategies that lower total cost of risk / operations.   

  • Rapid service 7 days a week.

  • 48 hour quote turnaround and 24 hour cert turnaround (generally even less time).

  • Case specific guidance expertly tailored to real estate investors and developers.

Real Estate Insurance


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Real Estate Program Director

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