ResidentConnect is a program offered by Falcon to our property management and residential tenant clients. 

Our proprietary program offers 100% Renter's Insurance compliance for property management companies, allowing your organization to take the guess work out of maintaining resident Insurance policies. 

For residents who do not wish to purchase a Renter's Policy, our Tenant Liability Program allows for an inexpensive and worry-free experience while renting - no more worrying about Liability arising from causing significant damage to a rented home. 

Upload your Renter's Insurance Policy today. If you elect to not purchase third party coverage, Falcon has your back and will work with your landlord/property manager to place Tenant Liability Coverage on your behalf - this inexpensive coverage will appear as a line-item bill in your monthly rent statement, preventing financial catastrophe in the event that we cause unintentional covered damage for which we are liable to our rented home.